Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 Simple Things to Take Joy Out Of

I. Little green daffodil shoots coming up out of the ground. Aren't teeny baby plants just so adorable?

II. How fucking awesome the contrails in the clouds look a lot of the time. People say a cloud is just a cloud, but you can't deny that sometimes a cloud is just a natural work of art. 

III. The new redesigns for the official Disney Princess tiaras. They look a lot less gaudy and a lot more regal than their old designs.

IV. When you're on your bike or Razor scooter and you push all the way to the very top of a really imposing hill, only to have all the fun of careening all the way to the bottom, riding the wind the whole time!

V. Sledding in a perfect snow--especially going down headfirst so the snow can smack you in the face!

VI. When the sky is the perfect shade of blue all day, and the sunset is the perfect shade of pink in the evening.

VII. Climbing up into a big cherry blossom and just lying down and enjoying being surrounded by pink lace.

VIII. Spending the whole night with someone you love, just laughing at the most pointless shit in the world until your sides ache and your lungs feel close to bursting.

IX. Dressing up like a princess, a prince, a fairy, a superhero, or anything else, just because you can.

X. Watching videos of the Seaworld whales and just marveling at the intelligence, the family bonding, and how freaking cute little Trua is.

And of course, this world contains a lot more than just these ten things to be happy about. (:

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