Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rainbow Ice, Sugary Castle

Sherbet stars, rainbow ice,
a sugary castle in the land of sweets—
where ice cream houses stand along
the white, creamy, milky streets.
The sky is cream, the earth is candy,
and the moon a big white sugar drop.
At the pink cotton candy fair,
the carousel has a big red cherry on top.
The pixie-dust clouds come and pass,
the lemon sun rises and sets,
the fishermen out in the lemonade sea
catch candy fish in their peppermint-string nets.
Ice cream ships blast off into
the galaxy of honey and milk.
And on the land below, the people
don apparel made from chocolate silk.
Yes, there is nowhere quite as sweet
as right here in the land of sweets,
with its rainbow ice, its cream sky, 
its sugary castle, and its milky streets. 

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