Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Secret Worlds and Fantastic Creatures: A Fairy from Space

Here on Earth, fairies are very, very elusive and rare. But up in space, where anything is possible and most everything is unexplored, there is a small planetoid that is home only to fairies. And one day, one of the more adventurous of these fairies decided that she wanted to see what other planets were like. So she had the interplanetary aeronautics department build a spaceship for her, and she set off on a voyage into space.
            An interplanetary voyage from Earth would take decades or even centuries, but that is because our spaceships are not powered by the magic of fairies. Spaceships powered by fairy magic can reach other planets in a very short time, and that is how this fairy voyager was able to reach Earth in only a matter of days.
            To the fairy, Earth looked like a magnificent blue crystal. She had once visited a cave that contained misty blue gems of all sizes, and she thought that Earth must be an enormous version of one of these gems. What a wonderful place to land! she thought, and she set the ship’s course for a landing on Earth.
            But when she landed, she discovered that it was not blue, but green; the ground she stood on was a vivid, eyecatching green, and scattered all around were tall structures covered in different shades of green. But when she looked up, she saw the beautiful misty blue she had been expecting, and it was just like the crystals in the cave. Those gems must be green inside, just like this one, she thought. I will have to break one open and see.
            As she walked along, she heard an odd babbling sound coming from a spot beyond the tall, green structures. She followed the sound, and found a stream of clear, dazzling liquid rushing against some grey rocks. It was very boring, compared to the rich red streams from her homeland. By now she knew that this was not a giant crystal; as far as she knew, crystals did not have streams in them.
            The babbling was not the only strange sound she heard—there were strange sounds coming from the tall, green structures as well. “Peep, peep, peep,” went the tall, green structures. Were the structures themselves making that sound, or was there something inside of them that was doing it? The fairy approached one of the structures for a closer look. It was covered in flat, bright green disks that rested on knobby brown bars. She broke off one of the disks to see if it was making that peeping sound. The disk felt light and thin in her hand, and it was made out of a very strange kind of rough paper. She held it to her ear, but no sound came out of it.
            Something was moving under the green disks. The fairy took a peek, and beheld a tiny flock of feathery little creatures, twisting their heads and hopping around and peep, peep, peeping. They were just about the funniest little things the fairy had ever seen, with their black, beady eyes and their short, skinny legs. She was sure that she could watch them all day, but she had so much else to see on this strange and funny planet.
        She returned to her ship and set its course for a voyage around this big, blue gem of a planet, wondering what other interesting things she would find. And she came to the conclusion that there could never be a planet as big, beautiful, and interesting as this one.

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