Friday, April 19, 2013

A Cherry Blossom Field and Other Flowers (free verse)

I discovered that my school
has a big, beautiful field
of lacey white cherry blossoms
all lined up in a row.
They looked like a line of ladies
in white lace dresses.

I never really noticed
how beautiful that town really is.
There are cherry trees everywhere—
big, fluffy pink ones
that look like highfalutin ladies
in trailing party dresses.

There are purple-blue seas of wisteria
and violets
and hyacinth
and other purple things
I don’t yet know the names of.

There are flowers that look like white stars,
golden carpets of dandelions,
trailing cherry trees with big pink flowers
that drape to the ground—
like graceful geisha girls
in pink kimonos, bowing low.

I thought of one day
bringing down a white bough
for my little brother to run his fingers over.
I thought of one day
pointing out each blossom to him,
naming them off as we go along.

By then,
I will know the names
of every flower in that town. 

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