Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blade Queen, part 4

Blade Queen and Lynn's Trip will be shorter than usual tonight. Sorry about that. 

I woke up this morning to find the body gone.
            Of course, Lily’s ditch was the first place I checked. Now she’s stealing my trophies too. I’m really beginning to curse myself for ever leaving her alive in the first place, and even further for still refusing to kill her. I could’ve had it over and done with last night. She was right there, I had my blade…why didn’t I just jump on her?!
            That girl was turning me into a complete buffoon. Maybe she was some kind of forest witch and I was under some screwed up spell. The only way to end the spell was to kill the witch—but of course, the spell wouldn’t let me kill the witch. It was the perfect enchantment, the perfect defense mechanism…the only thing that could do the Forest Devil in was the Forest Witch…
            Oh, for fuck’s sake, look at me rambling. I’m not even making any sense. I’ve gone completely out of my mind.
            Anyway, both Lily and the body were absent from her ditch, which gave me an uneasy feeling like you wouldn’t believe. If she wasn’t there, she could be anywhere. She could be attempting escape!
            I palmed my blade and began the search. If she was attempting escape, I had to kill her. There was no other option. If she escaped, she would whistleblow to the authorities and my life was as good as over. The only reason I’m still here is because the authorities think I’m some kind of malevolent spirit or demon; this is because the first few investigative teams sent back here all met my blade before they could do anything. After that, nobody dared to send anybody else back here. If that girl made her way out of here, the stories of the Forest Devil would be over and I would be compromised. She had to stay here, dead or alive. She belonged to me now.
            Luckily for her, I found her out by the creek, setting up some kind of weird rock formations. Where is my corpse? I thought. I strolled over to her and stood in front of her, my blade gleaming in my palm.
            “What are you doing?”
            She stopped her work and looked up at me, but didn’t answer. The girl has serious nerve.
            “I said, what are you do-ing?”
            She shrugged. “Making something.”
            “Where’s the corpse from last night?” I asked her, smacking the blade handle against my palm. “If you threw it out, I’ll run you through.”
            “I buried him,” she said “right here.”
            She did what?! “What do you mean, you buried him right here? Who do you think you are to take my kills and bury them?! Did you forget whose domain you are in?!”
            “No,” she said “I didn’t. I just thought you were done with him. You kind of just…left him there. So I buried him and I’m making a grave.”
            A grave? “Did you know this guy, or something? Is that why you were so damn weepy last night?”
            “No, I didn’t know him,” she told me, “But you’re supposed to give the dead a proper burial.”
            Now I was getting angry. “Girl, who the hell are you to tell me what I do with my victims?! I’ve just about had it with you, you know. I make the mistake of keeping you alive, and you start acting like you own the place!”
            “It’s not like that,” Lily protested. “It’s…”
            “Shut up!” I smacked her across the face. “I should have offed you on day one.” I was suddenly very aware of the blade in my palm, which meant I must’ve been good and ready to use it. Finally! I thought. Finally, I’m going to do it! I will be rid of this bane on my existence! My heart thumped in excitement, and I began to smile at the thought of a new kill. I began advancing on her. She didn’t move, she didn’t even flinch…
            I brought the blade down and stuck it in the ground at her knees.
            Then I ran off.
            I don’t think I can take this shit anymore. 

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