Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knight Yorick

Wrote this one for my brother, who is a peaceful pacifist who loves knights. (:

There was a knight whose name was Yorick,
and a lovely knight he was for sure!
There was never a knight so noble,
or one so brave, or one so pure.

Knight Yorick never used a sword,
and this you might think quite unreal.
But you see, he had no need for swords;
he only made use of his shield!

He did not brawl, he did not strike,
but his armor was like nothing yet seen.
Many have searched for something like,
but they’ll only find such in their dreams.

Knight Yorick was a peaceful man
who above all valued chivalry.
And when faced with a beast of any size,
he’d stand his ground like an old oak tree.

He was loyal as any knight could be,
and this did win him many friends.
He sealed their secrets with his blood
and would take them to his very end.

You may be wondering by now
why this won’t tell of Yorick’s fights.
Well, because you do not need
to slay a beast to be a knight.

Knight Yorick’s title was given
on heart and bravery alone.
And his kingdom says, when it comes to knights,
you could never find a better one! 

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