Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Madman

Wrote this one for my boyfriend. He calls himself a madman a lot so I wrote him a poem about one (:

There is a madman that I know
He eats fried rats,
draws on the walls,
and yells at trees to make them grow.

He’s tamed a tiger and a hawk.
He rides giraffes,
and spends his weekends
sticking googly eyes on rocks.

He honks at cars and quacks at ducks.
He caught a rabbit,
cut off its foot,
and said that it would bring him luck.

His matches are his favorite toys.
He caused a scene
by opening his door
and roaring loudly at two boys.

No one really knows his ways.
He’s mad all right,
and will stay that way
until the very end of his days. 

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